Warong Pongsapich ( Oui )

OWSI : 290960

Education : Mechanical engineering - USA
Profession : Engineer at Toyota Motor Asia Pacific - Engineering & Manufacturing

Diving Experience : 
PADI Open Water Diver 2005
PADI Rescue Diver 2007
PADI Divemaster 2011
PADI Instructor 2011


To be honest, when I was first introduced to scuba diving, I was not that impressed about it. It was because I felt there were so many procedures and skills to do. During the first year of diving, I mostly joined only day trips either in Pattaya or Samaesarn. Anyway, my first dive during a live-aboard trip was at East of Eden, Similan. The dive changed all my perspective about diving. I realized how beautiful it is as to be a diver. My personal happiness from diving is to escape from hectic world in the city (althought it is a temporary thing) and be immersed in nature - ocean, blue sky, seabreeze. All of those makes me feel refresh from stress. My second-thought... I think I chose the wrong career path... *sigh* so confused...


E-Mail address : thanatos147@hotmail.com

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