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PADI Open Water Diver Course

          Scuba Diver breathes from a cylinder or tank which provides air. The use of tank enables us to explore the underwater world which is unique, tranquil beauty, and adventerous. When you go diving, you will have a chance to encounter a various of marine life from a tinest creature you have ever seen to the biggest fish in the world. Some marine life swims and show off themself in an elegant way. Some camouflages using coral or enviroment as a tool. The underwater world, 71% percent of this planet, is waiting for you to explore. It is up to you whether choose to do it or not!


Course Duration :

1. Theory - 5 Chapter approx. 6-9 hours during 2 days

  • A limitation of being Open Water Diver e.g. maximum depth of 18 meters

  • Understand the relationship between pressure and volume and how they affect divers and diving equipment

  • Know the possible risks occured in diving and how to avoid them

  • The right action to perform on the surface and underwater in a normal and emergency situation

  • Understand dive table and diving equipment

  • Open Water Examination and much more...


2. Confined Water - 5 Confined Water Dive (pool session) approx. 8-10 hours during 2-3 days

  • Practise a Skin Diving

  • Perform a collection of practical skills related diving e.g. assembling scuba unit, underwater breathing, mask clearing, neutral buoyancy, remove and replace scuba unit, deep water entry, and etc.


3. Open Water -  4 Open Water Dives, 2 days in Samaesarn, Sattahip

  • You can check our schedule to take open water dives on "Trips" page.

Equipment : (we provide all of them)

  • Mask

  • Snorkel

  • Fins

  • Wetsuit

  • Belt&Leads

  • Buoyancy Control Device (BCD) 

  • Regulator

  • Cylinder or tank

  • Dive Computer


Schedule : Flexible. Learner can choose his/her own date and time by contacting an instructor or please call 081-459-0515


Prerequisite :

  • Be able to float on the surface of water without drowning

  • In a good health

  • Children (10-15 yrs.) need a letter of approval from parents


Required material : Photo 2*2 inches (online submission or hand-in)

Scuba Jamboree Classrom

Scubajam's Classroom

Scubajam Confined Water

Confined Water Dive

Cost : 

             ***This price includes 2 days of Open Water Dives (2,500 Baht/Day) but

NOT include national park fee, transportation, and accommodation cost***

Open water e-book
Open water hard cover
Open water e-Learning

What you will get after the completion :

  • PADI Open Water Diver Manual (E-book or Hardcover)

  • An universal certification card from PADI, USA

  • Scubajam's log book 

  • Free T-Shirt or Mask Strap Scubajam

  • Special discount on continuing course and trips

  • Discount on diving gears

Open water Certification card

PADI Certification Card

Note  for your own benefits, please consult your instructor before deciding to buy diving gears yourself


Why take a class with Scubajam?

  • We have a lot of instructors who have long experience in diving. We have taught Open Water Course for more than 10 years; so, we know and understand problem of new divers including all the safety issues.

  • Class schedule is flexible depending on learner's schedule

  • You can make a repetitive confined water (3rd day of pool session) with no extra charge

  • We teach in a small group or even a single diver

  • New diving gears and all are in good shape

  • Classroom and pool are in one place, Racquet club. Furthermore, our location is in a prime spot of Sukhumvit area accessible by BTS or MRT

  • Add Scubajam Line OA to contact us or

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